When hunting for a trusted generator company in Galveston, TX, contact the electrical experts at Mackey Services. Handling residential electrical systems requires a skilled electrician. It’s never a good idea to attempt a generator installation by yourself. For safety reasons, it’s necessary for a qualified electrician to prep and complete your residential installation. Generators provide needed power during blackouts and power outages. This type of equipment connects directly to your existing electrical system and automatically responds to a power disruption. Our company provides local homeowners and property managers with reliable product installations for all sizes of floor plans.

Do you work from home or have gaming masters in your family? It’s more important than ever before to plan for an electrical failure. You’ll want to have a reliable backup to ensure that you don’t lose access to computers and other necessary equipment. Don’t underestimate your need for a dependable power source. Outages happen easily in our part of the country.