You may be wondering whether you should request AC maintenance in Dickinson, TX, and the answer, for any homeowner, is yes. A professional AC tune-up once a year can prevent breakdowns and, in fact, make the system run more efficiently. Here are the specific benefits.

One issue that tune-ups can address is dirt and dust buildup in the air handler and compressor. By giving both a thorough cleaning, our technician can ensure that your AC absorbs and releases heat in a timely manner. Your AC won’t cycle for longer than it should, and your monthly bill may decrease as a result. During the tune-up, one of our technicians can also detect any issues that might lead to a major repair in the future. Being proactive like this will save you money in repairs. Besides that, a well-maintained AC will last longer. Central ACs, for the record, can run for up to 20 years while mini-split systems can easily last up to 30 years.