Nothing beats that scorching summer heat like cool air conditioning. Unfortunately, air conditioners can suffer numerous problems if they aren’t properly maintained. This article will cover what a technician will do when maintaining your system and the benefits of getting routine AC maintenance.

Common HVAC Maintenance Tasks

HVAC technicians perform various crucial tasks to keep your system running efficiently. Additionally, technicians can spot and address underlying issues that can become major problems if ignored. For this reason, it’s essential to schedule regular ongoing maintenance rather than wait until you notice an issue. Below are some things that a technician will handle during AC maintenance.

System Inspection

A technician will visually inspect your entire system to look for problems with indoor and outdoor components. They’ll also check electrical components to fix any loose or damaged connections that can cause an issue.

Filter Cleaning or Replacement

Depending on your type of AC, you need to have your filters cleaned or replaced. They will ensure that the filter being used by your AC is the correct type and size for optimal performance. While many homeowners may check air filters themselves, a technician will do this for you and inspect other systems related to indoor air quality.

Coil Cleaning

The condenser coil and evaporator coil are an essential part of your AC. A technician will check these coils for signs of corrosion or damage that affects system performance. They’ll use specialized cleaning solutions and tools to help remove dirt or debris that the coils may have accumulated over time.

Check Refrigerant Levels

A technician will measure your system’s refrigerant levels and refill if necessary. They’ll also inspect your system for a possible refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is vital for your AC’s ability to cool your home.

Condensate Drain Cleaning

Your air conditioner’s condensate drain allows your system to expel excess moisture. A technician will clear dirt or other debris that may have been stuck inside the drain. Afterward, they’ll test the drainage to ensure the system functions properly.

Moving Parts Lubrication

Air conditioners have moving parts like the fan and motor. These components need lubrication to prevent damage due to friction. A technician will add lubricant to any necessary components to ensure the air conditioning system operates smoothly.

Ductwork Examination

If you have an AC system that requires ductwork to move air around your home, a technician will inspect this. They will look for any damage or indication that your system leaks air, reducing airflow. They will seal any leaks and also check the ductwork to see if cleaning is required.

System Testing

Once maintenance is completed, a technician will review system performance and test various AC functions. This helps ensure that your system is running efficiently. Additionally, a technician can recommend vital repair work or necessary upgrades to further help with performance.

AC Maintenance Financial Benefits

While there is a cost involved with professional AC maintenance, the cost of neglecting your system can be much higher. Proper AC maintenance can save you money in the long run. Here are some financial benefits of getting regular AC maintenance:

Lower Energy Bills

Regular AC maintenance increases the overall efficiency of your system. Your system can cool your home using less electricity than an inefficient and poorly maintained system. This lowers energy consumption, which means you’ll notice savings on your monthly energy bills.

Reduced Repair Costs

Proper maintenance reduces the ongoing wear and tear of essential system components. Less wear and tear means that repair work is required less frequently. Additionally, technicians can usually find minor problems before they get worse. Because of this, when a problem arises requiring repair work, it can be cheaper to fix.

Longer Air Conditioner Lifespan

Professional maintenance helps reduce the workload of your system and the stress put on components. This stress reduction helps your system last longer. Since total AC replacement can be expensive, keeping your system running optimally for as long as possible is essential.

Insurance and Warranty Compliance

Your AC’s ongoing maintenance is often a part of complying with the terms and conditions of your warranty or home insurance. By neglecting ongoing maintenance of your air conditioner, you are risking a denied claim if it is found that the issue was due to poor system maintenance. A denied insurance or warranty claim can be a costly surprise to homeowners.

Preserves Home Value

Preserving the value of your home is useful to homeowners looking to sell and those looking to refinance. Like other parts of your home that need regular maintenance, a well-maintained AC system can help preserve your home’s value.

Other AC Maintenance Benefits

While there are numerous financial reasons why you need to get regular AC maintenance, there are additional advantages too. Here are some other benefits to keeping your AC well-maintained.

Increased Comfort

When an air conditioner is poorly maintained, its efficiency can be reduced. This means it fails to cool your home when working at its maximum capacity. Maintaining your system helps preserve its cooling ability. If you haven’t had your system maintained in a significant amount of time, you may notice a sudden increase in comfort after professional maintenance.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Cooling your home helps make it comfortable. However, home comfort can also include indoor air quality. Maintaining your system helps increase indoor air quality so that your system can better filter out dust, pollen and other allergens. When system maintenance isn’t performed regularly, these contaminants can more easily spread throughout your home.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Higher energy usage increases the carbon footprint of your home. By maintaining an efficient AC system, you are lowering its environmental impact. Additionally, refrigerant leaks can also be harmful to the environment. Regular maintenance allows you to be proud of your home’s environmental friendliness.

Reduced Noise Level

When an AC has gone without proper maintenance, it can be louder and produce strange noises. Maintaining your system and making sure that moving parts are lubricated can help reduce the overall noise level of your AC system. This can benefit people who work from home or any light sleepers with a bedroom close to the main outdoor unit.

Safer Operation

Severely neglected AC units can have safety issues. Electrical wiring problems, leaks and overheating can be hazardous. Regular maintenance helps protect your home from damage and helps keep occupants safe.

Peace of Mind

Proper AC maintenance can help give you peace of mind. You will be more confident that your system is less likely to have an emergency breakdown. You can also enjoy reduced stress regarding energy bill spikes caused by poor maintenance and an inefficient system.

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